Why Seniors Should Consider Scrapbooking

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Working on a scrapbook can be a fun way for your senior loved one to pass the time, but it actually offers a few specific health benefits. Vancouver 24-hour care experts want to share some of the benefits your loved one can gain from participating in this hobby.

Boost Memory and Cognitive Skills

Sorting through a box of photographs or mementos can be a bridge to the past and trigger memories for your loved one. Selecting items for the scrapbook and writing down the stories accompanying the pictures can challenge your loved one’s mind, which can help him or her retain cognitive skills and delay memory loss.

Increase Dexterity

Scrapbooking can serve as a type of occupational therapy. Manipulating, cutting, and pasting bits of paper exercises fine motor skills, which can help seniors with dexterity issues increase their coordination and finger strength. It is important to allow your loved one to do as much of the project as possible without assistance, even if it takes longer and the result is not perfect.

Encourage Relaxation

Stress can affect seniors for a variety of reasons, but scrapbooking promotes physical relaxation by lowering blood pressure and heart rate. The repetitive activity of cutting and pasting encourages mental relaxation by providing a point of focus that can have a calming effect and reduce stress.

Promote Self-Esteem

Seniors with dementia or another serious health condition may feel daily life is challenging, and they may have low self-esteem if they are unable to complete basic tasks. Scrapbooking is an easy hobby with no set rules, procedures, or time constraints. By working on this project, your loved one can feel accomplished and competent, which benefits his or her emotional wellbeing.

Provide Emotional Fulfillment

It can be easy to focus your time with your loved one only on providing Vancouver at-home care. However, this can have the unintended effect of making him or her feel like a burden. Creating a scrapbook together allows you to spend quality time unrelated to caregiving tasks, helping strengthen your emotional connection with your loved one and building new memories.

Scrapbooking is a simple activity most seniors can participate in, but there are many other ways to promote your loved one’s overall wellbeing. Hiring a part-time or live-in caregiver from Home Care Assistance can help your loved one remain healthy in various ways. Our caregivers can provide social companionship, cognitive stimulation, and assistance with mobility, and we also offer specialized Parkinson’s, post-stroke, and dementia care Vancouver seniors and their families can rely on. For more information and to schedule a free consultation with one of our Case Managers, please call (778) 279-3634 today.


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