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The Growing Popularity of Yoga among Seniors

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At Vancouver Home Care Assistance, we believe that an important component of effective aging is finding and participating in the appropriate physical and mental activities. Because of this, we always encourage our clients to try new things to help promote total health, one of which being yoga. A growing number of seniors are turning to the practice of yoga as it offers a wide variety of mental, physical and spiritual benefits, while also enhancing overall health and wellbeing.

With a focus on stretching and increasing and maintaining flexibility, yoga is a form of exercise that contributes to a senior’s ability to remain independent as they age. Additionally, yoga helps to increase muscle strength and improve balance, thus decreasing the likelihood for falls, broken bones and injuries. Its low impact nature also means that it is unlikely to aggravate common conditions among seniors such as arthritis.

Because the practice of yoga can be tailored to the senior in terms of skill level and frequency, it is ideal for seniors who are starting to exercise after a long hiatus or who are suffering from age related physical disabilities. Yoga sessions can also be conducted in a group setting or as an individual activity. A senior can attend yoga groups several times a week, benefitting not simply from the practice of yoga but the social interchange with the other members of the group. In addition, seniors can continue to maintain their mental and physical health by repeating the yoga exercises learned in class at home alone, or with the help of a Vancouver caregiver.

Perhaps most importantly, are the meditative aspects of yoga. Yoga is a soothing exercise that is often practiced to promote emotional and mental wellness. This can be especially important for those seniors who are missing the lifestyle they had when they were younger or who are feeling the absence of their adult children in their daily life.

As with any exercise program, any senior who is interested in participating in yoga should consult with his or her primary care physician before engaging in any exercise regimen. In addition, seniors should seek a yoga trainer who is experienced in working with older individuals in order to ensure that the training program will be tailored to their unique needs.

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