Why Elderly Should Start Strength Training

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While everyone can benefit from regular exercise, seniors can benefit from strength training in particular. Strength training is just as important as aerobic exercise as it can reduce and even prevent much of the functional decline that comes with age. Here, Vancouver Home Care Assistance highlights some of the most important reasons seniors should begin a strength training regimen. 

1. Improve Bone Mass

Strength training exercises guard against osteoporosis, or bone loss, by reducing stress on the bones. This improves bone density and mass as well. 

2. Manage Chronic Conditions

Strength training builds muscle, bone, and stamina, and several studies have found that it can help manage the symptoms of many chronic conditions that affect seniors, including heart disease, arthritis, obesity, and diabetes. 

3. Control Weight

More than 1 out of every 4 seniors is now considered obese. Strength training can help seniors lose weight because muscle cells burn calories more efficiently than any other type of tissue. The more toned the muscles, the easier it is for the body to burn excess calories rather than storing them. 

4. Maintain Function and Strength

Studies have found that strength and resistance training can help seniors improve flexibility and functional strength. This makes seniors less vulnerable to slips and falls. 

5. Reduce the Pain of Arthritis

Research has found that strength training can help seniors reduce the pain of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis. Strength training exercises build up muscle to support and protect joints affected by arthritis.

6. Improve Stamina

Strength training helps seniors become physically stronger and go longer during everyday activities without getting tired. Muscle also improves balance, which ultimately can help seniors stay independent longer. 

7. Prevent Muscle Loss

We lose between five and seven pounds of muscle for every decade we age beyond 20. Strength training is the only effective way to prevent this muscle loss. 

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