Your Spring self-care checklist

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If you are overwhelmed and neglecting yourself… take a deep-breath. Start a list from scratch prioritizing what needs to be completed first and follow up with the less important items. Then, think about what it is you can get done today, even if it’s just one thing.

If you need a little help building your self-care cleanup list, here are a few tips that are easy to accomplish.

Clean up your medicine cabinet

Have you cleaned your medicine cabinet lately? While it is generally recommended to do a cabinet clean up twice a year, springtime is ideal to get this out of the way. By disposing of health products that are no longer useful, you gain the following benefits:

  • Avoid confusing pill jars, boxes, and containers
  • Reduce the risk of medication errors
  • Eliminate wasted storage space
  • Avoid buying something that you already have

For safe disposal, coordinate a drop off at your local pharmacy. Make sure to throw away any products if the color, odor, or form has changed. Also include products that have faded

or illegible labels. Your pharmacy may have rules about how to package old tablets/capsules for disposal, so make sure you give them a call first.

Visit your doctor

Annual exams are more important than you think. A routine 30-minute appointment can reduce stress related to any changes in your health, and, if anything is detected, your doctor can begin treating the issue(s).

If you want to inquire further about your unique journey of aging and living healthy, ask for a referral to a specialist who focuses on aging.

Take a look at your lifestyle and diet habits

As we age, our nutritional needs change. Just as physical exercise helps us to stay healthy, so does eating well. More fluids and fewer calories are generally recommended for older, aging adults, who’s metabolism slows down, but nutrient requirements remain the same.

A nutrient-dense diet is a necessity for healthy longevity. If you find you have low energy, check and see if your daily eating habits can be a contributing factor. Observe your food intake over the next few days. Are you getting enough nutrients? Not sure? Here is a great Globe & Mail article on eating healthy for those 51 and up. It includes age-appropriate shopping tips, recipes, and advice on exercise and salt alternatives. Also, the Canadian Government has released a web page dedicated to building healthy meals. Access and learn all about it here.

Start today

A long list can be overwhelming to the point that we do nothing at all. So, start small! Tackle that one thing off your list. The feeling of accomplishment will propel you to do more. By taking the time to do something for you, you will feel good about yourself. In turn, you help and serve not only yourself but those around you. The reward goes a long way – and you can focus on doing the things that you enjoy guilt-free.

At Home Care Assistance Vancouver, we see many to-do lists that collect dust. Life can get in the way and self-neglect is far too common. If you or someone you know needs help getting started on their self-care checklist or assistance in completing these and other daily activities, contact us at 778-200-1683 to speak to one of our Case Managers.

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