Why Socializing May be the Best Medicine

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As important as food and shelter, social interaction has been conclusively identified as essential to human health. The significance of social exchanges like hugs and smiles can be felt from infancy through old age and has a profound impact on well-being. Today, Home Care Assistance Vancouver is going to discuss how maintaining social ties is an extremely important component to healthy living.

More than Just a Feeling

By maintaining regular social connections, seniors are more apt to keep an up-beat outlook and dispel anxiety. This causes a positive balance between the feel-good neurotransmitter serotonin and immune-suppressing hormone cortisol, ensuring that the body is better prepared to fight off disease. This health-boosting effect can also translate into positive impacts on blood pressure, memory and even chronic pain. There may, after all, be something to the old saying that laughter is the best medicine!

Fending Off the Blues

Declining health, the loss of loved ones and loss of independence are only a few of the factors that contribute to depression amongst older generations. Far too often overlooked in the elderly, this loss of emotional well-being can severely deteriorate quality of life.

In many cases, maintaining an active social network can be enough to fend off or even reverse mild to moderate depression. While medications are also helpful, many find the mood-enhancing effects of sharing time with others, whether a friend, family member or professional caregiver in Vancouver, to be just as appealing.

The Nature of Socializing

When it comes to staying socially active, researchers have found that the quality of relationships is more important to senior health than is the quantity of time spent socializing. Therefore, help your aging parent or loved one look for activities with personal significance. This could be as life-changing as reconnecting with loved ones, but can be as simple as joining a club or volunteering.

Even if physical limitations are a concern, a number of organizations appreciate senior participants and are happy to accommodate any level of involvement. Community and senior centers can be excellent resources for a variety of old or new favorite group activities. The greatest quality of social interaction may come from volunteering, a way to both give and receive from the benefits of socializing.

Finding Companionship for Your Aging Loved One

If you feel that your loved one is lacking the social ties they need to thrive in their golden years, reach out to Home Care Assistance Vancouver today. Maintaining social ties is a key component in our Balanced Care Method™ and we have a team of highly trained and compassionate caregivers who can provide companionship care on an hourly or live-in basis. For more information about how a professional caregiver can help boost mood and promote quality of life for an aging parent or loved one, call a friendly Care Manager at 778-279-3634.


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