90% of Canadian Seniors Wish to Age in Place

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A senior’s home is often a place that has taken decades of hard work to pay off. It’s a treasured place where a family was raised, sons and daughters married, and moments of great joy took place. For seniors, home is a place of cherished possessions, on a street in a community that is familiar, stable and comforting.

Many studies have shown that the elderly live longer, happier, healthier lives when they are able to stay in their homes. The simple satisfaction and dignity of an independent existence seems to be an important component of emotional and physical health. Familiarity with the home’s doors, stairs, cupboards and bathrooms can prevent confusion and falls. In addition, the social network of long-term neighbors and friends helps keep an elderly person connected to the here and now.

These are just a few of the reasons why the trend of aging in place has grown in the past years. As more and more seniors are expressing their desire to remain at home as they age, senior and geriatric care specialists are beginning to realize the undeniable benefits that are provided to the elderly when able to stay in a familiar home environment.

To help keep aging parents and loved ones in their homes as they age, it is important that families encourage healthy lifestyle practices. In addition to a healthy diet that is low in sodium and fat, seniors should participate in some form of exercise on regular basis, even if the activity is as simple as taking a walk around the block. Regular check-ups with the doctor are also important to ensure health and identify any problems before they become more serious issues.

At times, advancing physical illness or advanced conditions such as dementia makes it difficult to keep a senior in his or her home. Even the most dedicated of adult children may not be able to provide the protection and attention to detail that being a full-time caregiver requires. Fortunately, there are many other options available today besides outside care facilities and nursing homes. For instance, in-home dementia care makes it possible for seniors to remain in their homes despite complex care needs. Home caregivers are trained in how to provide specialty care and can take on day to day activities such as cleaning, personal care, meal preparation, transportation and more.

Old age should be a time of reflection and celebration of a life well-lived. Though we are a non-medical service, we specialize in hourly and live-in care that supports the health and dignity of our clients and their families. With help from Home Care Assistance Vancouver, family caregivers can return to spending time with their loved one as a son, daughter, husband or wife. Call us today for a free consultation – 778-279-3634.


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