The Best Advice Elderly Athletes Have for Other Seniors

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Senior athletes have much wisdom to share with their younger counterparts and other seniors who may not be as active. As a leading provider of home care in Vancouver, we understand everyone’s personal situation is different, but there are some important life lessons that can be learned from seniors with a natural inclination to stay active.

Start Slowly

If you haven’t been active in a while, start slowly. As you see progress and become more confident in your abilities, slowly push yourself according to what feels right for you. Step into an active senior lifestyle by:

• Choosing enjoyable activities like gardening
• Meeting with a friend for regular walks
• Taking a fitness class for seniors

Listen to Your Body

Forget no pain, no gain. Injuries can be more serious as you get older, so listen to your body and stop if you feel any usual pain or discomfort. Increase your odds of recovery from minor injuries by:

• Modifying your routine until you feel better
• Seeing your doctor if a little rest doesn’t help
• Reducing muscle soreness with compression stockings or socks

Be Consistent

From walking or running on a regular basis to competing in age-specific events, senior athletes tend to be consistent with their activities. The lesson to be learned here? Make regular activity a way of life so that it becomes a habit.

Be Mindful of Your Diet

Senior athletes know the value of good nutrition. Even if you’re not especially athletic, being mindful of your diet can help prevent or reduce the impact of many age-related conditions, including back pain and joint inflammation.

Stretch to Maintain Flexibility

As any athlete will tell you, stretching helps prevent injuries. Take time to stretch daily to maintain flexibility and decrease muscle strain. Participating in yoga or tai chi classes can help with both, in addition to building muscle and reducing stress.

The most important lesson that can be learned from senior athletes is to get over the idea that getting older has to mean slowing down. If there’s something you love doing or want to be doing, check with your doctor and figure out a way to do it by adopting a routine based on your capabilities.

Starting and maintaining a fitness routine can be challenging during the golden years. If you or an aging loved could use help with tasks like grocery shopping, healthy meal preparation, and regular exercise, turn to Home Care Assistance. Although we are known for our live-in care, our flexible part-time home care in Vancouver is ideal for seniors who need minimal help throughout the week. Call us today at (778) 279-3634 and find out how we can help you or your loved one maintain a happy, healthy life in the comfort of home.


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