Community Resources & Events

Alzheimer's Society

The Alzheimer’s Society of British Columbia offers educational workshops for persons who are caring for someone living with dementia. See our current schedule.

All sessions are free to attend, donations are appreciated. If you would like to register for a session, please call the Resource Centre at 604-984-8348 or email us at:

Brain Stream is an online education and networking site for the Brain Injury Community in B.C. and beyond.

Check out our calendar for upcoming events, workshops and information sessions for brain injury survivors, their families and friends.

Patient Pathways

We are specialists in supporting patients and families as they journey through injury, serious and complex illness, and end-of-life.

Check out our calendar for upcoming events, workshops and information sessions.

Nidus personal planning Resource Centre And Registry

We offer free webinars on joint ownership, dying without a will, consents and planning.

Check our calendar for upcoming events.

Alzheimer Store Canada

The Alzheimer’s Store is proud to offer a wide range of Alzheimer’s products to ease patients’ suffering and help them live in a safe home environment with a sense of security.

Browse and discover products chosen to make the life of persons with dementia easier.

Virtual Hospice

Life often saves its most difficult questions to the end. Connect with a community of people talking and sharing about living with a life-limiting illness, caring, loss and grief.

Check out the information and support on palliative and end-of-life care, loss and grief.