Support and Assistance at Any Time of Night

Night time can be a particularly harrowing time for seniors who are living with a condition that keeps them awake at night in discomfort or pain. Whether dealing with an acute health crisis or a chronic medical condition, night time can be a source of anxiety for seniors, knowing that access to their regular help at this time is greatly diminished. Daytime caregivers go home to their own families at night and seniors too often suffer in silence, reluctant to call on family members who need their sleep to function normally in their own lives.

At Home Care Assistance Vancouver we always have on staff professional overnight caregivers to help create a secure environment for seniors who need overnight assistance at home, in residence or even in hospital.

Our Caregivers are highly trained and provide an alert presence at our client’s bedside at any time of night. They can also provide:

  • Constant monitoring of a client’s comfort
  • Companionship and moral support in dealing with insomnia
  • Supervision with medication schedules
  • Assistance with bathroom visits or other mobility needs
  • Communication with medical staff of any changes in medical condition
  • Communication with family members for any emergency

Get that best of care for your loved ones – even at night

At Home Care Assistance Vancouver we provide peace of mind for families who want their loved ones to have the best of care at all times AND who also understand that a bit of self- care in the form of a helping hand can enhance everyone’s life