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Physical Fitness Boosts Senior Mood & Outlook

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We all know that exercise and physical activity lead to fitter and healthier bodies. Sometimes, however, the emotional and mental benefits of exercise are overlooked, especially in regards to senior fitness. When caring for a senior parent or loved one, it’s important to understand the incredible impact physical daily fitness can have on your loved one’s mood and overall outlook on life.


Exercise releases chemical in the body called endorphins. These chemicals produce positive feelings in the body, sometimes described as euphoric feelings. Endorphins are the chemicals responsible for the feeling of “runner’s high” people experience after a workout. As a bonus, endorphins also interact with receptors in the brain, reducing the perception of pain. This effect may be especially beneficial for seniors who experience chronic pain.


As a leading provider of senior care in Vancouver, we understand that many seniors fear the loss of independence as they age. These fears can lead to depression and an overall decline in mental wellbeing. When seniors engage in regular physical activity, they are able to delay loss of independence, thereby improving overall outlook. Physical activity can also give seniors the strength, flexibility and confidence to continue acting independently, which can lead to higher levels of self-esteem and happiness.


Whether it’s an exercise class or walking group, having activities to look forward to is a great way to keep spirits high. Those engaged in scheduled, regular activities are less likely to suffer depression. Positive feelings are further increased when social interaction and productivity are included in physical fitness plans. Sharing a fitness goal and achieving it with a partner or group can lead to positive reinforcement and a sense of achievement.

Disease Management

Physical fitness has been found to delay, prevent or treat certain diseases and chronic conditions. It is known that exercise is an effective treatment for the management of arthritis, heart disease, diabetes and high blood pressure, and can help reduce the negative effects of balance and walking problems. Treatment of these physical ailments undoubtedly does wonders to improve overall mood of those suffering from them.

While physical fitness should be incorporated into a senior’s daily routine, activities should be performed under careful supervision to ensure safety and comfort. If your loved one needs assistance performing physical activities, contact Home Care Assistance Vancouver today. We have a team of highly trained caregivers who are available anywhere from four to 24 hours a day. Call 778-279-3634 to find out more about flexible hourly and live-in home care from Home Care Assistance.