Senior Health Tips: Medication Management

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Frequently, older adults may be overwhelmed with numerous medications that require complicated schedules and a potential for harmful side-effects. In addition to managing multiple medications, you may struggle with keeping up with refills or changes in prescriptions and dosages as well. As the Vancouver live-in care specialists, we understand the management of your health may be challenging at times, however you can succeed in preventing harmful interactions and ensuring safe use of medications with simple strategies that help you stay organized and healthy.

Keep an Updated List of All Medications

All medications and over-the-counter preparations can be harmful and cause undesired side-effects. To avoid possible drug interactions, maintain a current list of all your medications that may be updated or changed easily with a pencil and include:

  • Dosage
  • Schedule
  • Vitamins
  • Over-the-counter preparations

Often, different doctors prescribe medications for separate health issues. When attending a physician appointment, allow your doctor to scan your list and evaluate the compatibility of the medications you are currently taking. In addition, have your list in a place that can be easily accessed by a family member in case of a medical emergency. Need help managing your medications? Click here for information about part-time caregivers that are great for helping ensure medications are met, and for helping with daily chores, meal preparation and much more.

Use One Pharmacy and Learn about Your Medication

The immense benefit of keeping all your medication records in one pharmacy is ideal for people who take multiple medications. As prescriptions are updated or need renewal, the pharmacist can provide drug information and evaluate them for considerations such as:

  • Allergies and drug interactions
  • Dosage errors or changes
  • Diet or food incompatibilities
  • Vital information on side-effects
  • Reminders for prescription renewals

Use a Pillbox to Keep Track of Medication Schedules

If you are managing a complex medication plan, use a pillbox that has the day and time in large print. Available in most drugstores, the pillbox can help you remember when your medication is due and prevent you from taking an accidental extra dose. These helpful tools may be filled by the day, week or even longer. By filling the pillbox on a weekly basis, you can keep track of prescription renewal dates and increase your chance of medication compliance.

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