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Maintain Independence During Your Golden Years

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With age, we are all going to encounter new changes and events that may threaten our independence, and in some cases our safety. For seniors in Vancouver, one of the most common home accidents is a fall. More often than not, individuals who suffer a fall in their senior years are unable to return to independent living, requiring a family member or caregiver in Vancouver to assist with daily activities and personal care.

At Home Care Assistance Vancouver, we stress the importance for seniors to maintain their balance as they age, an important component of preventing falls. By working closely with senior care specialists, we’ve created a list that highlights some of the best ways to maintain your balance as you age:

  1. Learn about your medications. While you may need certain medications in order to stay healthy, some medications may come with side effects that can affect your balance. In order to make sure your medications are not adversely affecting your balance, talk to your primary care physician.
  2. Attend routine eye exams. Believe it or not, balance problems can stem from poor vision. By visiting an optician on a regular basis and getting your eyes checked, you can maintain your balance and reduce the risk for debilitating falls in the future.
  3. Stay as active as possible. Seniors who remain active as they age are able to preserve and increase their strength, flexibility and balance. Exercise for seniors doesn’t necessarily have to mean strenuous activity, something as simple as a walk is a great way to stay active and can also provide other benefits including enhanced mood!

Maintaining your balance is just one of the many ways you can reduce your risk for slips and falls at home. If you or an elderly loved one are starting to experience difficulty completing certain activities, consider hourly care in Vancouver. The minimal assistance provided by an hourly caregiver ensures safety for seniors without interrupting their daily routines.

For more information about our customized home care services or for additional senior safety tips, contact a Case Manager today!