A Helping Hand for Seniors in Residences and Facilities

With advancing age, a new health issue or the progression of an existing medical condition, seniors in care homes or long- term care facilities may at some point have difficulty managing daily living within the framework of the services offered by the residence or facility they live in.

Services provided by the care facility may not be available nights or weekends or may simply no longer address the full needs of your loved one.

At Home Care Assistance Vancouver we help fill the care gaps that are often shouldered by family members already juggling family and work.

We complement and supplement in-facility care services

Our specialized home care team can provide the additional care services that your loved one requires to remain comfortably in their home – even when home is a residence or care facility.

Our experienced Case Managers will help evaluate your specific needs and will customize a care plan to help your loved one stay in a familiar environment rather than face a disruptive move to a more comprehensive care facility.

In addition, we work closely with the facility’s staff to ensure that our caregivers seamlessly blend into the facility’s environment and routine to avoid any disruption.

Our highly trained caregivers come to you for:

  • Personal care
  • Meal preparation
  • Domestic Duties
  • Special Needs Care
  • Transportation and errands
  • Companionship and Activities

You choose the “when and how”

Our flexible care plans let you customize the type of caregiving services based on your needs and your timetable. We are available 24/7 if required or just a few hours a week. Not sure exactly which services are best for you?

Our experienced Case manager can help you identify your loved one’s needs and come up with a plan designed for you to get the most benefit from our caregiving services.

You don’t have to face this difficult journey alone. Reach out to Home Care Assistance Vancouver today and schedule a complimentary, no-obligation consultation with one of our friendly Case Managers. We’re here to help 24/7.