5 Ways for Your Senior Loved One to Lower the Electric Bill

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It isn’t uncommon for older adults to be living on fixed incomes, which makes it extremely important to avoid wasting money that could be better spent elsewhere. One of the easiest ways to cut costs in the senior years is by reducing the electricity bill. Vancouver, BC, senior care professionals have a few suggestions for helping your aging loved one save money on electricity.

1. Let the Sunshine In

One of the most effective ways to regulate the temperature in a home is to use the windows and drapes. When the weather is cold outside, pulling back the drapes will allow your loved one to warm the room quickly without using electricity. At night, the drapes are one extra layer of insulation that can keep the bedroom at a comfortable temperature. 

2. Invest in Merino Wool Socks

Many aging adults have difficulty with cold extremities because of poor circulation. A few pairs of high-quality merino wool socks can help keep your loved one’s feet warm without having to heat the entire home. Merino wool wicks moisture away, controls odors, and insulates well. 

3. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Though there are many options for advanced wireless thermostats, seniors can benefit from using a simple programmable thermostat. Instead of changing the temperature in the home throughout the day, your loved one can simply set a timer on the thermostat at the start of the week. By preprogramming the thermostat, your loved one doesn’t need to remember to adjust the settings before going to bed or when waking up. 

4. Use Outlet Timers

Anyone who tends to fall asleep while reading or watching TV should consider using outlet timers for their appliances. These devices plug right into electrical outlets, and they cut power to anything attached to them at a specified time. Everything from TVs and radios to reading lights and space heaters can be automatically turned off at a reasonable hour. 

5. Switch to CFL Bulbs

Seniors should consider switching out their older incandescent bulbs for CFL (compact fluorescent) bulbs. Not only do these advanced bulbs use just a fraction of the energy, but they also last for thousands of hours. Though your loved one might be able to easily switch out the bulbs in his or her reading and bedside lamps, you or a Vancouver home caregiver should change any bulbs above shoulder height.

If you and your loved one would like to learn more about cutting costs on electricity and other ways to save money in the senior years, reach out to Home Care Assistance. We are a trusted provider of live-in and respite home care Vancouver seniors rely on, and our caregivers are trained to help seniors remain safe and healthy in the comfort of home. Call (778) 279-3634 today to speak with a friendly Case Manager and schedule a free in-home consultation.


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