Easing the Anxiety of a Hospitalization

An emergency hospitalization and even a planned one can be an enormous source of emotional stress and anxiety, especially for an elderly patient.

Nurses and medical staff are well intentioned but are often stretched so thin that they do not have the time to give the comfort and reassurance that is so important for an elderly patient going through a medical crisis.

Although family is usually a patient’s first choice for emotional support and to fill in the care gaps, circumstances sometimes make it difficult or even impossible for relatives to take on this role despite their best efforts.

Our Vancouver hospital sitters – a trusted resource

Our specifically selected and highly trained caregivers can be your trusted resource at the hospital 24 hours a day or as long as you need them.

They provide that human presence that can help ease the emotional anxiety and trauma of a hospitalization and be that person who sees to your loved one’s well- being when doctors and nurses are not around. They can also provide continuity of quality care from hospital to home as needed.

Our case managers know the medical community

Our case managers can step in as your advocates with the hospital medical staff and care team as required, ensuring that your best interests are respected at all times, and that your safety and comfort is top priority for everyone involved.

Our Case managers not only oversee all aspects of our caregiver services ensuring the highest standards of care, they also communicate actively with family members, keeping them informed of all updates and instructions from the medical team, ensuring a smooth transition to home.