The Right Care after a Hospitalization for a Faster Recovery

The transition from the hospital to home following a surgical procedure, injury or illness can be distressing for elderly individuals.

Post-hospitalization is a crucial time period full of follow-up appointments with the doctor, new medications and limitations in mobility.

In some circumstances, physical, occupational or speech therapy sessions may be required as well.

Home Care Assistance’s Transition Home Package™ helps families manage the discharge process, provides a seamless transition home and promotes effective rehabilitation at home.

The package includes:

  • An initial assessment by a dedicated Case Manager with the client, their family, as well as the social worker/discharge planner/physical therapist to fully understand what the patient needs to successfully rehabilitate at home, and a personalized care plan based on the information gathered.
  • Support with home safety needs including recommendations about equipment and home safety modifications to support the senior’s recovery.
  • Ongoing support with errands, grocery shopping, prescription pick-up, housekeeping and other physical activities that may be too challenging for a recently discharged patient.
  • Physical assistance with activities of daily living including mobility, bathing and grooming, eating and transferring tailored to the patient’s needs.
  • Meal preparation based on our proprietary Balanced Care Method™ with an emphasis on healthy, balanced nutrition and regular caloric intake in line with the physician’s recommendations.
  • Medication reminders, rehabilitation exercises, physical and emotional support and companionship throughout the recovery process.
  • Transportation to rehabilitation sessions, doctor appointments and personal events.
  • Regular home visits and status updates from the Case Manager as well as ongoing interaction with health professionals to ensure coordinated care.

Avoiding hospital readmission with professional assistance and monitoring

Older adults in post-hospitalization recovery are vulnerable to further injury, infection and relapses. Statistics show that over 35% of adults are readmitted to the hospital within 90 days of being discharged. In most of these instances readmission is a result of over extending themselves, not taking medications properly or the inability to attend their follow-up appointments.

Home Care Assistance Vancouver is successful in helping our clients avoid readmission, the goal of our caregivers being to help clients slowly move from full dependence to full independence.

Offering flexible hourly or live-in care plans

At Home Care Assistance Vancouver, we offer care on an as needed basis. Recognizing that individuals recovering from a hospital stay have varying levels of need, we offer flexible hourly and live-in post-hospital care plans.

If you need assistance for a few hours a day with certain tasks, hourly care is ideal. However, if 24/7 care and monitoring is necessary, a personal caregiver can be present around-the-clock to maximize comfort and safety for their client.

If you or a loved one needs care following a hospital stay, we are here to help. Speak with a Case Manager about how our post-hospital care can ease the transition from a hospital setting to the comfort of your own home.

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