The Caregiver’s Essential Post-Hospital Checklist

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Seniors who receive professional in-home care after they are discharged from the hospital have faster recovery times and are less likely to require readmission. During the transition home, caregivers can ensure their loved one’s best chances for a strong recovery and reduce their stress by establishing a comprehensive plan for post-hospital care. The following checklist is designed to provide caregivers and their loved ones with all the information needed to navigate through the discharge process and ensure that all after-care needs are met.

Symptoms Requiring Follow-Up

During recovery from an illness or injury, it is important to watch for signs that a senior’s condition is worsening. Common symptoms should be listed on the discharge papers and may include signs of infection such as redness around a wound or fever. Caregivers should make sure they know which symptoms are normal, such as shaking caused by a medication, and who to contact if an abnormal symptom occurs.

Contact List for Doctors and Specialists

Many health conditions are treated by a medical team comprised of specialists who handle specific aspects of a senior’s care. This is especially true for senior adults who may have multiple health diagnoses. Before leaving the hospital, prepare a contact list of all doctors who treat the senior along with their area of specialization.

Aftercare Appointment Information

Most hospitals will recommend an after care appointment several weeks after discharge to ensure the senior is continuing to recover well. At the time the appointment is set, add it to the caregiver’s calendar and include details such as the location and who will be seeing the patient.

Plan for Ongoing Care and Rehabilitation

Depending upon a senior’s health condition, he or she will likely need at least a few weeks of Vancouver hourly home care. Additionally, some seniors may need long-term live-in care if they decide to continue to live independently. Therefore, it is important to plan for providing assistance to seniors with their daily routine such as personal hygiene, medication management and meal preparation. Seniors who need rehabilitation services to regain their strength may also need transportation to their appointments.

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