Simple Home Renovations to Help Enhance Senior Safety

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Today, more and more seniors are wanting to age in place; to stay in the comfort of their homes as long as possible. However, elderly individuals are more prone to accidents and injuries, making it potentially dangerous for them to live at home alone. At Vancouver Home Care Assistance, we encourage our senior clients to make a few simple home modifications to help reduce the risks for slips and falls and create a safer living environment. Enjoy many more years in your home by making the following home renovations:

  • Install railings. Adding railings by stairs and in slippery areas by bath tub or toilet provides your loved one with additional support, helping to minimize the risk for slips and falls. If your elderly loved one needs help with personal care such as bathing, dressing or grooming, consider help from a personal caregiver. For more information about compassionate caregivers in Vancouver, click here.
  • Move the bedroom downstairs. If your loved one owns a two-story home, they should consider moving the bedroom downstairs. This helps lessen their risk of falling on the stairs and is often beneficial for seniors as they begin to experience problems with mobility.
  • Widen hallways and tight spaces. Doorways, hallways and rooms should be wide enough to accommodate a wheel chair or walker. If you are unable to widen the actual hallway, make sure the areas are clutter free to remove any tripping hazards.
  • Set up lights in dimly lit areas. Many seniors suffer from vision loss and are not able to see as well as they could before. Putting lights near the stairs, by doorways and nightlights in hallways can help them better navigate the home when it is dark.
  • Install phones in every room. Making sure there is a phone in every room makes it easier for your loved one to call for help in case of an emergency.

Another way to help keep your elderly loved one safe at home is to move items used on daily basis to areas that can easily be reached. This includes anything from pots and pans in the kitchen to towels in the bathroom.  By doing so, you can rest assured that they have access to everything they need to be comfortable at home.

If your loved one needs minimal assistance at home, consider hourly care in Vancouver from Home Care Assistance. We understand that not all seniors need full-time care and offer our care services for as little as four hours a day. Not only will your loved one receive the help they need and deserve, you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your loved one is in professional and caring hands. Contact us today for more information about our flexible home care plans.


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