Hiring a Home Care Agency – What Questions to Ask?

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When you are a caregiver,
you know that every day you will touch a life,
or a life will touch yours. 

When looking to bring a caregiver into your home or the home of your loved one, it’s critical to understand who is coming through that door.

Finding a trusted agency with qualified referrals, professional management, bookkeeping services, trained and certified professionals that are rooted in the community will ensure your needs are met to the standard of care that you expect and deserve.

There are many questions when seeking a caregiver for the home.

How can I trust them in my home?
How do I know I will like them?

And when the interview stage begins, asking the right questions will help ease the unknown and lead you down the right path in your decision-making process.

Consider the following:


  • Look for personalized in-home care services that are based on the needs, preferences, and condition of the care recipients.
  • Ask for referrals based on strong relationships with care recipients.
  • How long has the agency been operating?
  • Are the caregivers experienced? Ask about the tenure of their caregivers and staff.
  • Do they have any case managers on staff?
  • Does the agency have caregiver care and ethical standards? What are they?
  • Does the agency provide on-going education and training for their caregivers?

Background Checks & Caregivers

  • Are the caregivers bonded and insured?
  • Are the caregivers specialized in Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s, palliative care, etc.?
  • How are the caregivers screened? Are they screened for personal commitment, respect, kindness, and sensitivity? Do they go through a psychological screening exam?
  • Have all caregivers passed a comprehensive background check? Must they show proof of an excellent driving record?
  • Are caregivers evaluated and assessed with agency management home visits and check-up phone calls with each client?

Fees & Insurance

  • What in-home care services do they offer?
  • Do they offer personal and/or specialized care?
  • Do they have flexible care plans? What are the fees? What methods of payment are accepted?
  • Are there written contracts, minimum payment requirements?
  • Do they process insurance claims?
  • Are they equipped with on-call assistance including evenings, holidays and weekends?
  • Is 24/7 emergency response available?

At Home Care Assistance Vancouver, we focus on providing long-term quality care.

We have achieved a level of case management expertise that is highly regarded in the industry. We are the only agency with highly qualified case managers who are either social workers or nurses that oversee all care services from start to finish.

Our caregivers must pass an HCA standardized psychological screening exam developed by on-site PhD psychologists. They must exhibit caring, authentic and dependable personality traits in the psychological profile testing. Our HCA Match ProgramTM helps us identify the caregiver that will best match with the client based on their needs.

All of our caregivers are bonded and insured employees. They also receive extensive, formal and on-going training through our Home Care Assistance University Online Training Program which provides on-going access to the latest industry knowledge and education.

Have questions for us? We can help you or a loved one today. We serve all of Greater Vancouver. Contact us now for your complimentary in-home consultation at (778) 279-3634.


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