When you get older, what becomes important to you?

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There is definitely a mindset shift that occurs with age.

Aging is an inevitable reality. However, it does not have to be accepted as fate but more as a beautiful and natural human phenomenon.

Recent research studies from all over the globe show that aging brings to light the realization that our time will expire – and when that happens, the mind actually shifts priorities.

Our minds and bodies constantly evolve with experience. In our 50’s and 60’s, a mind-shift from motivational triggers like money, things, and the need for encouragement from others is replaced with a focus on self-care, self-love and close relationships. Close friends and family offering love and comfort become more important.

According to Dr. Gerda Lerner, the author of Living with History/Making Social Change, the aging process is “applicable to how wisely we maneuver through our life right now whatever our age.”
Just like a car

Think about a brand new, shiny car. Running smooth and looking good. Over the years, that car will maintain its function and appeal with care, or it will deteriorate, rust, clunk and, sputter without proper maintenance.

Aging is much of the same as that new car – we can quickly lose the ability to look good and feel great if we do not invest the time to make sure we keep our mind and body running like a well-cared for automobile.

Keep up with both mental and physical activities and exercise that bring you joy so that the motivation to maintain an active lifestyle as you age is an easy choice.
Changing values

A Brazilian paper written by doctors in Psychology brought together research based on The Basic Values Survey which demonstrates six classes of values most people hold:

Actualization (beauty, knowledge, maturity)
Excitement (emotion, pleasure, and sexuality)
Existence (health, stability, survival)
Interaction (affection, belonging, support)
Normative (obedience, religiosity, and tradition)
Promotion (power, prestige, and success)

The level of significance and attention we apply to these values will depend on personality and life stage. For example, as we get older, excitement becomes less important and a shift to focus on interaction and existence become more meaningful.

Look for a balance in these values to help shape an active and healthy lifestyle well into your elder years.
Age is just a number

The mainstream news and media mislead people to believe that aging is a bad thing. Perhaps, that aging is something to fear. This is simply a lucrative tactic and its misguided. An accurate outlook on the aging process is to see it as a natural human phenomenon, and to accept this inevitable reality on your own terms.The video below captures the essence of how anyone can be remarkable at any age!

Take responsibility by caring for yourself now – from the inside out. A healthy mind and a healthy body will ensure that you age with grace, strength, and peace of mind.

Every year International Self Care Day is observed on July 24 (24/7) to serve as a reminder that the benefits of self-care are lifelong, experienced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Your best years are still ahead of you. Plan ahead and seek personalized care options. Home Care Assistance Vancouver can provide information about your specific aging questions and concerns. Call (778) 715-5098 to speak to one of our Case Managers today.
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