These 4 Foods Can Help the Elderly Prevent Falls

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Balance and mobility issues coupled with brittle bones make falls particularly dangerous for the elderly. Vancouver caregivers and family members are often told to try to help keep their loved ones from falling, but it isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there are some dietary changes that may help.

1. Fish

Fish, especially salmon, swordfish, and trout, are high in vitamin D. This nutrient helps keep bones strong, and vitamin D deficiencies have been linked to depression and tiredness–two factors that may increase the likelihood of falls.

2. Water

Staying adequately hydrated is an absolute must. Dehydration can lead to disorientation, lightheadedness, and dizziness. Avoid distilled water (which can cause the body to lose electrolytes) and vitamin water (which is high in sugar), and opt for purified drinking water with electrolytes added.

3. Yams

Not only are yams high in antioxidants and fiber, they’re chock-full of potassium. Older people on diuretics like Lasix have an increased risk of developing a potassium deficiency. Symptoms of a potassium deficiency include shakiness, muscle cramps, and tingling or weakness in the extremities, all of which can trigger a fall.

4. Lean Protein

In addition to regularly eating fish, eating lean protein helps prevent falls by keeping blood sugar stable. Spikes and drops in blood sugar can lead to dizziness, faintness, and weakness. Consider protein sources like nuts, chicken, or low-fat dairy–all sources of other fall-preventing nutrients like calcium and potassium.

Not only is a healthy diet is key to helping seniors lead full, active lives, it can be instrumental in preventing falls. By making a few minor dietary adjustments, it’s possible to help avoid some preventable situations that could lead to a fall-related injury.

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