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4 Senior Canadian Artists Who Are Still Full of Creativity

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Vancouver elderly care experts believe focusing on creative activities can boost a senior’s physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing in many ways. In fact, many artists across Canada still have fruitful careers in art well past age 65. Learn about the following fascinating artists from Canada who are still going strong in their senior years.

1. Ted Zuber

Born in 1932 in Montreal, Quebec, Zuber specializes in painting military and war art. He was Canada’s professional artist during the Gulf War and is also a veteran of the Korean War. His paintings have been exhibited in the Canadian War Museum and can be found at the online Zuber Gallery, which includes some of his original oils. Painting enables Zuber to tell history through his art, and the act of painting helps him feel protected.

2. Mary Pratt

Born in 1935 in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Pratt is a famous painter who specializes in still-life realist paintings. The main focus of her work is ordinary items often found in a home, including apples, jars of jelly, and lunch pails. Pratt’s paintings have been featured and exhibited in most of the major galleries in Canada and in prominent public and private collections, including the Vancouver Art Gallery and the New Brunswick Museum. She paints items that affect her physically and personally, which keeps her mind active and her creative juices flowing. 

3. Arlene Stamp 

Born in 1938 in London, Ontario, Stamp works in a range of mediums, including computer technology, painting, photography, and sculpture. She has also been a popular teacher and lecturer at several art schools around the country. Stamp has regularly exhibited throughout Canada and in the United States at museums and art galleries, including the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria and the Art Gallery of Hamilton. In 2007, she was initiated into the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts. Painting and creating is Stamp’s passion and what keeps her motivated and thriving.

4. Robert Bateman

Born in 1930 in Toronto, Ontario, Bateman specializes in nature-themed paintings in acrylic and a variety of other mediums. The majority of his paintings have been viewed in one-man exhibitions worldwide. The Robert Bateman Gallery at the Inner Harbour of Victoria, British Columbia, is a permanent home for his work. Bateman’s love of nature that he expresses in his paintings is what boosts his energy in his senior years.

Even if your elderly loved one has no artistic talents, there are a variety of other creative activities he or she can try, many of which offering significant health benefits. In addition, your loved one can participate in mentally stimulating activities with the help of caregivers from Home Care Assistance. Our Cognitive Therapeutics Method uses activities to delay the onset of dementia and help seniors engage with others in an enjoyable way. For more information on the respite and 24-hour care Vancouver, BC, families trust, call (778) 279-3634 to speak with a friendly Case Manager.