Unexpected Sources of Stress for Senior Citizens

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Although everyone paints a picturesque view of life after retirement, the truth is that stress exists at every stage in life. From financial concerns to new health conditions, Vancouver home care providers know that there are certain situations that could cause emotional distress. However, some of the most commonly encountered stressors for seniors are those that are often overlooked.

Every Day Annoyances
Traffic, waiting in line, and crowded areas can all add up to significant stress at the end of the day. While some daily irritations may be unavoidable, being proactive can stop stress at its source. When possible, caregivers can help seniors run errands and attend appointments during less busy times of the day. Aside from fewer crowds, simply having companionship during these times can help reduce stress.

Planning and eating meals can be difficult for seniors who may struggle with simple tasks of meal preparation such as opening jars or lifting heavy cookware. Observe seniors during mealtimes and watch for ways to ease their strain. Seniors who find cooking especially stressful could benefit from a part-time caregiver in Vancouver who can grocery shop, prepare, and cook healthy meals.

Social Media
Technology can offer many advantages to seniors who enjoy engaging with their friends and family on social media. Alternatively, a senior may feel left out when viewing photos of their friends’ recent life events. Be sure to set up real-time opportunities for seniors to chat with their companions face-to-face and interact in their community.

Their Past
As a person advances in age, they may begin to reflect on their life, which can bring up painful memories from the past. Help seniors focus on the positive by compiling a journal of their life history or browsing through a photo album of happy events such as their favorite holiday.

Sports and Hobbies
Senior adults with a competitive streak may not always realize the stress that comes from playing a round of golf or showing off their latest handiwork. Be sure to praise senior loved ones for their progress in their favorite endeavors so that they do not fall prey to comparing themselves to others.

Find the resources and support your loved one needs to enjoy stress-free golden years by reaching out to Home Care Assistance. As a leading provider of both flexible hourly care and comprehensive 24-hour care in Vancouver, our caregivers are trained to accommodate a wide variety of care needs, including help with meal preparation, personal grooming, incontinence, physical activity, and transportation. To learn more, call (778) 279-3634 and speak with a friendly Care Manager today.

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