Talking to Your Aging Parents about the Need for Care

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It is human nature to shy away from talking about one’s weaknesses, and senior citizens can be especially sensitive to implications that they need a little extra help at home. While having the conversation about the need for senior care may be difficult, it is vital to your loved one’s overall health and wellbeing. To help adult children navigate the sensitive conversation, Home Care Assistance Vancouver offers a few ways to approach the topic.

Use Hypothetical Situations

Using hypothetical situations can help make the conversation sound less like an imminent plan that’s going in place and more like a friendly conversation. You can use the hypothetical situations as lead-ins to more important questions such as what would your parents want you to do if they need care at home after a hospital stay or unexpected fall? What care would they prefer if they could no longer make decisions on their own? These questions can help you determine what your parent’s wishes are so you can honor them to the best of your ability.

Focus on your Concern

Making the conversation about your concern for their health and wellbeing is often easier for a senior to digest as opposed to highlighting their decreased abilities. If there are problems in the home that pose a risk, such as the bathroom for slips and falls, explain to your aging loved one how dangerous they can be.

Outline the Benefits

Outline the benefits of each care option available. For example, with in-home care, the obvious advantage is your loved one is able to remain in the comfort of home. In addition, seniors can maintain their independence and regular routines, receiving assistance with personal hygiene, light housekeeping, meal preparation and transportation for errands. Reputable agencies will also work with your loved one to create a flexible schedule that meets their needs.

It’s not easy to talk to your parents about the need for part-time care, but it is a conversation that cannot be ignored. Ensure the safety and enhance the quality of life for your aging loved one and schedule a complimentary in-home consultation with Home Care Assistance Vancouver. Our Care Managers are more than happy to answer any questions and can help you determine the most appropriate level of care for your aging loved one.


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