Our Home Care Services go Beyond the Basics of Care

Home Care Assistance Vancouver is known as a leader in the Vancouver home care industry as we go beyond the basics of care, offering a holistic approach we call Balanced Care Method™ , as well as the highest level of case management expertise. We are the only agency with highly qualified case managers who are either social workers or nurses that oversee the care from start to finish.

Our Case managers conduct a comprehensive initial assessment, provide ongoing monitoring and supervision through regular home visits and phone calls, and periodically update the families on the progress of their loved one. They are also true advocates for our clients, liaising with other health care professionals and making referrals to additional support groups in the community, etc.
This ongoing oversight is at no additional cost and is part of our commitment to a high standard of care for all our clients.

Who may need our Case Management?

Caring for a loved one and looking for the right care provider can be an overwhelming process. This is why we have put a great emphasis on case management oversight as part of our service. We want to ensure the highest level of care while at the same time providing family members with much-needed peace of mind that their loved one will be well cared for.
Everyone can benefit from the ongoing case management we provide as part of our care. Here are examples of some scenarios:

  • A crisis has occurred, typically health related, no one knows what to do, uncertain whom to contact, and unsure what services are available. (Family or Friend who’s overwhelmed, distressed on the phone, received new diagnosis or recent hospitalization with significant decline)
  • A loved one needs help and the primary support person lives too far away to provide assistance, or is struggling to balance many roles.
  • It is difficult to reach the physician and other professionals involved and you want to know what is happening.
  • A caller is concerned that they or their loved one is unable to continue to live independently and would like to investigate available options.
  • Out of town relatives receive frequent pleas for help from their loved ones and don’t know where to turn.
  • A caller’s loved one is diagnosed with dementia or other progressive disease.
  • There is a disagreement over the type of assistance needed or how to provide care for their family member.

Needs Assessment

We provide an objective, professional assessment, helping the family prioritize needs and make decisions.

Home Safety Evaluation

We will assess your parents’ home safety. This becomes critical if cognitive decline is clouding their judgment. The Case Manager might point out hazardous furniture that can trip an elderly person or determine whether he or she needs a bar in the shower or any other medical equipment to help them age in place.

Network of Professionals

We can link you with the best professionals in the community to meet your needs, including legal, financial, medical, skilled professionals and a variety of community services.

Screening and Arranging Services

We provide peace of mind by recommending the appropriate providers and advocating for you so that you receive cost effective, high quality service.

Expert Consultation & Professional Guidance

You benefit from our professional expertise and experience. Our Case Managers provide objective and professional guidance that helps you deal with long-term care issues in a knowledgeable manner, helping to anticipate what is going to be needed and providing alternatives and options.

Monitoring and Supervision

Our Case Managers gather regular updates from our caregivers via phone and/or during home visits which allows them to closely monitor our Client’s well-being and proactively respond to any change in conditions. This ongoing contact also provides security for you and your loved one, and provides a supportive relationship.


Having an advocate who knows the aging and the health care system means you will not be left alone to deal with tough situations. We help you anticipate what is going to be needed, giving you choices and options. Advocating for families and our Clients’ to ensure quality of care and optimal life.

Continuity of Care

Even during hospitalization, our case managers are there from the onset. They meet with the Client, their family, as well as the social worker/discharge planner/physical therapist/nurse to fully understand the extent of the condition, what the patient needs to successfully return or rehabilitate at home (e.g. special diet, specific exercise regimen, medication, etc), the home environment and any special equipment needed, as well as the Client’s personality and interests.

Meet our Case Managers

Amanda Brainard, nursing background – Case Manager

Amanda brings with her over 6 years experience in nursing, in both the public and private sector, having worked in hospitals, hospice, facilities as well as in the home care space. Furthermore, she has worked both directly in patient care as well as in healthcare management roles, and has worked in several interdisciplinary teams . Her multi-layered experience has given her a holistic perspective in her approach to care, making her an excellent resource for families with respect to navigating the healthcare system. She has a special passion for geriatric care, chronic disease and palliative care and thrives in being able to profoundly impact her Clients’ lives.

Shiella Brocal, Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) - Case Manager

Shiella is an LPN with over 7 years of experience working in both community as well as in facilities. Her most recent experience was as a Health and Wellness Manager for Chartwell where she did assessments, developed care plans, hired, trained and supervised staff, liaised with other healthcare professionals and dealt with the family members of the Clients. She brings with her a lot of relevant skills and experience, a deep understanding of the industry and our Clientele, and a lot of joy and empathy.