Does High Blood Sugar Lead to Cancer?

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High blood sugar has long been linked to conditions like diabetes and an increased risk for heart disease. Now, a recent Swedish study suggests a possible connection between blood sugar and cancer. While researchers singled out women with high blood sugar as having a higher risk of developing cancer even without diabetes, the risk becomes more universal with certain types cancers. Read on for more information on the possible connection between the two, brought to you by Vancouver Home Care Assistance.

Taking Cigarette Smoking and Diabetes out of the Equation

To get a better idea of a possible connection between cancer and high blood sugar, only non-smoking participants without a history of diabetes were involved in the study. The results suggested an increased risk of developing the following cancers among both men and women with high blood sugar:

• Pancreatic cancer
• Urinary tract cancer
• Malignant melanoma (the deadliest form of skin cancer)

Added Cancer Risks for Women with High Blood Sugar

While high blood sugar poses some cancer risks equally for men and women, the Swedish study did find some risks unique to women. Endometrial cancer (cancer of the lining of the uterus), for instance, was more common in women with high glucose levels. With breast cancer, the risk appears to be higher for women under the age of 50 with high blood sugar.

An Extra Incentive to Maintain Optimal Blood Sugar Levels

More research is needed before a link between high blood sugar and cancer can be confirmed. However, such research does provide an extra incentive to maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Some ways to keep blood sugar under control include:

• Keeping consistent eating habits (skipping meals can increase blood sugar levels)
• Eating healthy carbs and staying away from sugary foods
• Drinking more water throughout the day
• Quitting smoking and drinking alcohol in moderation
• Maintaining a regular sleep schedule
• Getting regular exercise

If you suspect that your elderly loved one may have high blood sugar levels, his or her doctor can run a blood test for confirmation. With proper management, blood sugar can be kept under control, which can do wonders for all aspects of health.

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