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Benefits of Home Care for Elderly Individuals

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Facility based senior living is no longer the only option for seniors who require assistance with their activities of daily living and personal care. Surveys found that almost 90% of elderly individuals prefer to remain in their own homes as they age and home care is making this possible. With the help of a professional Vancouver home care agency, your elderly loved one can enjoy the many benefits of receiving care within the comfort and familiarity of their own home.

Provides Convenience and Flexibility

Offering complete flexibility in care schedules, home care is a convenient and affordable option for senior living. Services are available on an hourly or full time basis, allowing you to choose the care plan that best meets your needs. With the assistance of a personal caregiver and the freedom to determine their own care schedule, elderly individuals are able to maintain their daily routines and enjoy their independence.

Reduces Stress and Anxiety

Whether due to frailty, injury or illness, many older adults become overwhelmed with their daily tasks and unable to properly care for themselves causing elevated stress and anxiety. Many home care agencies provide a wide range of services to assist seniors with their activities of daily living such as meal preparation, housekeeping, medication reminders and transportation for errands and appointments. When a reliable caregiver takes on the responsibilities of the daily tasks, the care recipient is able to relax and spend their time participating in their favorite activities.

Enhances Overall Quality of Life

One of the most beneficial results of professional in-home care in Vancouver is the enhanced overall quality of life for the care recipient. The caregiver ensures their client takes their medication properly, consumes a nutritious diet, maintains their hygiene and attends medical appointments. Caregivers also offer invaluable support and companionship for their clients to combat feelings of isolation and depression.

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